​​​PiedRaven.com is a tabletop game making company, but also much more.

Pied Raven Games, LLC crafts in all mediums throughout traditional and digital.

Contact us for professional, sleek, and innovative graphics, illustrations, animations,

video editing & special effects. Please feel free to peruse our shop for products.

Our first available game is Hibernation, a deck-building card game that features bears competing for food to survive the winter. Coming soon is Beyond the Crash, a game of

space exploration and resource managementLook forward to many great games

with a vast array of mechanics, ​rules, and unique circumstances for victory!


         Jul 23, 2020: Hibernation just received a couple of new reviews!
        Check out the review from
Board Game Halv and the mention from Gnarly Carley Gaming!

        Jul 16, 2020: Now you can buy Hibernation with additional components included!
        You can still get Hibernation on its own, or with fun components like energy counting dice,

        tokens to represent the layers of fat your bear is putting on, and a brown pouch

        that holds everything. You can even buy the components bundled on their own

        in case you already have a copy of Hibernation.
        Make your way to the
Shop to find many more options now available!

        Jul 04, 2020: Pied Raven wants to help you stay inside!

        Use the discount code SUMMERHIBERNATION to receive 20% off your entire order all summer long!

        The Shop is full of updates: new images and descriptions - check it out!

        Jan 23, 2020: Added a link on the Hibernation page to some awesome 3D Printable bears!

        You can choose between a multitude of fun hats they're wearing!

        Mar 03, 2019: Pied Raven Games had an interview about Hibernation in the Berkshire Eagle!

        Oct 08, 2018: Proud to announce that while Pied Raven was exhibiting at The Boston Festival of Indie Games,

        Hibernation was awarded the 2018 Tabletop Best Family Game!!!

​        May 01, 2018: PRG is in the directory at toylistings.org