September 19, 2020:
New Pied Raven Games T-Shirts!

Represent PRG with this soft yellow T!

Extremely comfortable and unisex sized.

The shirt depicts a Pied Raven flying in a nostalgic pose.

Happy Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary!

Please contact us if you cannot find the size you are looking for.

September 12, 2020:
New review for Hibernation at The Daily Worker Placement!

"Take everything you think you know about deckbuilding

and throw it out the window.

Starting deck? There ain’t none.

Hand of cards? Nope.

Reshuffle and draw when you run out of cards? Nuh-uh.

In Hibernation you’re a bear aiming to first collect food

and then turn it into fat.


​I like it because it breaks all the deckbuilding tropes.


​full points to designer (and artist) Jesse Daniels

for designing a game unique both in theme and execution."

​​​​​​August 20, 2020:
New interview for Hibernation and Pied Raven Games

via Berkshire Community College!

"Story Hour with ... Jesse Daniels


Such an interesting episode about art, animation, and game design.


Curious about the card game he invented and designed?


And btw, his new book is coming out soon, too"

We discussed my time at BCC, UMass,

and my career thereafter.

August 19, 2020:
​​New article for Hibernation at Marooners' Rock!

"The entertaining and well-reviewed deck building tabletop game

Hibernation can now be bought as a complete set!​


​These additional pieces that are now part of the package

make it easier for players to begin and enjoy

Pied Raven Games’ goofy, bear-themed game!


Whichever bear/player first manages to develop five beautiful,

luxurious layers of fat wins!


[Jesse] Daniels and his work have featured in various podcasts,

critical reviews, and videos.

He recently closed a book deal and will be releasing

The Game Crafting Handbook almost exactly a year from now

(August 2021)."

August 1, 2020:

​​New review for Hibernation at Grandma Ideas!

"After sleeping all winter, bears are hungry!

Eating is one of their major goals.

(Eating is one of my major goals, too, but that’s beside the point . . . )


This is a great family card game for tweens, teens, and adults.

It's quick to learn and fast-paced.

(You don't have to wait, and wait, and wait for your turn which is good!)

I give this game 2 thumbs up!"

July 23, 2020:

New review for Hibernation at Board Game Halv!

"There are many different deck builders out there

but this has plenty going on to be a completely unique experience

that is all it's own.


The balanced play makes every game different,

you just have to outplay your opponent.


This could be an educational thing to introduce a kid

to the idea of hibernation, or it could just be an entertaining time

for players of all ages and intensities."

July 20, 2020:
New review for Hibernation at Gnarly Carley Gaming!

"I’m not usually a deck builder kind of gal ... but this one is really cute.

Players work to build a deck in order to forage

and build up fat layers so they can get to hibernating.

It was easy to learn, replayable,

and playful enough in all its bear gloriousness of a theme


It’s a perfect first, little addition to my game collection,

new space, and new chapter of life."

July 16, 2020:

Now you can buy Hibernation with additional components included!

You can still get Hibernation on its own,

or with fun components like energy counting dice,

tokens to represent the layers of fat your bear is putting on,

and a brown pouch that holds everything.

You can even buy the components bundled on their own

in case you already have a copy of Hibernation.

Make your way to the

to find many more options now available!

July 04, 2020:

Pied Raven wants to help you stay inside!

Use the discount code SUMMERHIBERNATION

to receive 20% off your entire order all summer long!

The Shop is full of updates:

new images and descriptions - check it out!

Stay safe...


and wear a mask in public.

January 23, 2020:

Added a link to the Hibernation page

for some awesome 3D Printable bears!

You can choose between a multitude of fun hats they're wearing!

" case anyone wanted some figures while playing the game."

Hibernation has many other print-and-play options as well,

such as new rules to play with (like an expansion),

and helpful quick reference rule cards.

Check out the Hibernation page.

​Have fun and keep hibernating!

March 03, 2019:

Pied Raven Games was interviewed,

all about Hibernation in the Berkshire Eagle!

Proud to have been the focus of a large article.

Front page of the business section!

You never know what will lead to the next opportunity...

...keep working hard...

...shoot for the moon!

October 08, 2018:

Proud to announce that while Pied Raven Games was exhibiting

at The Boston Festival of Indie Games,

Hibernation was awarded!

Best Family Tabletop Game!!!

Thank you to everyone who has purchased a copy

and/or supported Hibernation along the way.

Do your best to support small/local/indie businesses!

May 01, 2018:

PRG is in the directory at

Strategize Creatively


Designing innovative tabletop games

for all ages that drive players to:

Our first available game is Hibernation, a deck-building card game

that features bears competing for food to survive the winter.

Coming soon is The Game Crafting Handbook (08/2021) which explains

the many mechanics in gaming and provides 4 customizable games.

The next game in production is Beyond the Crash,

about space exploration and resource management.

Look forward to many great games with a vast array of mechanics,

​rules, and unique circumstances for victory!