Oct 8, 2018: Proud to announce that while Pied Raven was exhibiting at

The Boston Festival of Indie Games, Hibernation was awarded with the 2018 Tabletop

Best Family Game!!!

Aug 9, 2018: PRG had fun at the Connecticut Festival of Indie Games!

Uploaded photos from the event, check 'em out. See you at the Boston Festival of Indie Games!

Jul 17, 2018: New rules have been added to the Hibernation page. These are for players who

​are experienced with the game and ready to put a new spin on it. They are Additional Rules for

​Advanced Play. Also, there is now a link to quick reference Rule Cards on the Hibernation page.

Now you can print out additional Rule Cards so that all players can simultaneously refer to them.

​May 1, 2018: PRG is listed in the directory at

​​​Pied Raven Games is a new tabletop game making company.

The first game available is Hibernation, a deck building card game

that features bears competing for food to survive the winter.

Next is Salvation, where massive threats appear on the scene

and it's up to players to balance their budget and choose wisely

while competing for the contract of world military defense.

Look forward to many great games with a vast array of

mechanics, ​rules and unique circumstances for victory!