Ages 10+       20 - 60 minutes       2 - 5 players       Additional Rules for Advanced Play

A fun, fast paced & easy to learn game. Take the role of a bear waking from hibernation, slim & hungry. It's time to prepare for next year's big sleep. Alas, other bears in your ecosystem have

become extremely competitive. Race to gather food while fending off foes along the way. To do this you will forage, frenzy, and even steal to stockpile your hoard. Better get going, winter will come fast.

Hibernation is a bear themed deck building card game. Your deck contains your means of

finding food. It starts out forlorn and bare, but you strive to make it a perfect library of food collecting assets. Then, eat your food in proper portions to gain layers of fat. The first one to achieve the 5 required layers of fat via Hibernation tokens can rest easy - victorious!

68 - Cards 
1 - Fold Out Rule Sheet
(Print: Quick Reference Rule Cards)
All contained in a compact, easy to travel with, tuck box

Thank You!

Jaclyn Gladstein
Shelly Gladstein
Marty Gladstein

Sarah St. Amour
JoAnn Lampro
Krista Spear
Stacey Brorup

Justin Giuliani
Holly Fionte
Brandon MacDonald
Ryan Moynihan

Sean Watroba

Karen Cimini
Matt Cimini
Julie Chee

Rosalee Lampro
Kascey Daniels
Brandon Daniels
Trevor Daniels
Kezia Chee

Lexi Girard
Dion St. John

Matt Mottor

Zach Nicoll

Colin Tincknell
Emily Peterson
Kristina Maack
Jonathan Maack
Jordan Imhoff
Ross McCoy
Norman Jalbert
Stephanie Miller
Margolit Sands

Chris Cyr
Dave Sondrini

Panda GM

Bryan Fitzgerald

Eric Fitzgerald

Ethan Lucarelli
Audrey Davis
Grace Moses
Zach Moses
Amanda Campbell
Chloe Carlton
Sean Attri
Matthew Roberson
Vincent Pisano
Maria Jayson

"Love the theme. Smart take on a deck-builder." 

"I've never played a game like this before, so it was refreshing." 
- Judges from BFIG 2016

"I like the double-layer aspect of this deck-builder - you're not just playing cards to get VP; you're playing cards to get cards to get VP."

"A deck builder where I'm a bear trying to get fat enough to hibernate? I'm in!"

"It looks simple to pick up but there is a depth of strategy."

- Judges from BFIG 2018

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