Red Scare Redux

Rating: 7.5/10

Specs: 2-6 Players · 30-60 Minutes · Ages 10+

Components: Cards

Mechanics: Action Points, Card Draw, Exhaustion, Hand Management, Hidden Information & Melding

          If you enjoy card games of hand management and heists then this one is for you! In the game Red Scare Redux, players work as spies acquiring the necessary components to pull off secret missions. It's primarily a team-focused game but is still a fun, competitive game without teams. Players use cards that they draw from Resource decks to complete the requirements of Objective cards. Red Scare Redux uses the mechanic known as melding to achieve Objectives. Players make combinations of cards in their hands, with the ability to modify them once they are laid down if needed. If players have all the necessary Resources in their hand to complete an Objective, they can lay down the completed meld as a single action. Players have a total of four actions per turn that they must carefully choose from an extensive list of options.

          Black Ops cards are sprinkled throughout the Resource decks and provide for exciting actions that shake up the game. Some are beneficial, while others devastate the opponent. There are a selected few that can be used as an interrupt played at any time for no cost. The unique Black Ops cards can sometimes feel overly powerful – especially when playing 1v1. Though, this is less of an issue when playing with teams because you have someone you can lean on. Teammates can provide cards for one another to help achieve Objectives and alleviate the repercussions of having been targeted by Black Ops.

          The game ends once the Resource decks have been exhausted, or a player/team completes five Objectives. The winner is determined by who has the most points from the completed Objectives. Overall, Red Scare Redux is a good time – fun and competitive. It's fast-paced, with interesting thematic objectives and visually pleasing cards. The compactness of the game makes it easy to bring with you on-the-go and play anywhere.